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Domain (URL) Forwarding


Domain (URL) forwarding is perfect if you have a domain registered with us, and want people to be able to visit your website hosted somewhere else with a long web address (URL). For example, if you are Jane, and you own "", why would you want people to type in ""? Wouldn't you rather have them type in ""? Well, now you can! For just $5.95, you can forward your domain to your website for one year!

Activate URL forwarding today!
HERE to log in and set up Domain forwarding.

URL Forwarding redirects traffic from your domain that is registered at
 to another URL anywhere. offers Domain forwarding for the domain names that have been registered or transferred to

Send your domain to any website address or IP address using URL Forwarding.

For example, visitors to could be automatically redirected to another URL even if you have not set up a website with your domain name yet. URL Forwarding is fast and effective. If you have a long web address register a domain name and forward it to that address.

Domain forwarding is a service that is available with your domain registration. It allows you to redirect visitors to another website (that you own) when they type your domain name in the browser address field.

To set up Domain Forwarding

  1. Log in to your account, and click Manage.

  2. Beside the domain that you want to redirect, click Edit Domain Forwarding. \

  3. In the URL field, enter the address of the destination website.

  4. You can specify the URL, for example,, or you can specify the IP address, for example,

  5. Select Enabled from the drop-down box to implement domain forwarding.
    If you do not want your website address to appear in the browser address field, select Masked from the drop-down list. When visitors type your domain name in the browser address field, they are sent to your website, but they still see your domain name in the address field. If you do want the website address (the destination) to be displayed in the address field, select Not masked.

  6. Optionally, in the Title field, enter the text that you want to appear in the browser title bar.

  7. Optionally, in the Description field, enter a short description of your website.

  8. Optionally, in the Keywords field, enter some descriptive words that a visitor might use when searching for your website. Separate each word or phrase with a comma.

  9. Click Save.

    Please allow 24 to 48 hours for your change to propagate throughout the Internet.

To change the forwarding URL

You may change the status on your Domain forwarding at any time by logging back into the Domain Manager. Once you have logged in, click the Domain-Forwarding link.

To modify an existing Domain-forward, enter the new forwarding address, and click the "Continue" button.

To remove domain forwarding

1.Click Manage, and log in to your account.
2.Beside the domain whose domain forwarding you want to remove, click Domain Forwarding.
3.Ensure that Enabled is not selected.
4.Optionally, in the URL field, delete the address of the destination website.
5.Click Save.



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