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Registration Transfer Lock

Our normal security procedures will suffice in most cases to keep your domain safe. If you have any concerns, however, you can use our Transfer Lock feature to keep your domains secure. Once you activate the Transfer Lock, no changes to your domain will be permitted. Your domain will have to be unlocked by you before the domain can change hosting, contacts, registrants or even transfer out to another registrar. 

To secure your domain against unauthorized transfers, you can lock your domain. Locking your domain ensures that an authorization code (auth code) cannot be generated for your domain, and the auth code is required to transfer your domain to another service provider. This is a security feature that has been designed to ensure that you have full control over any changes made to your domain.

To lock a domain

Log in to your account, and click Manage.
Beside the domain name, click Transfer Lock.
In the Domain Locking drop-down list, choose Enabled, and then click Save.

Some registries require domains to be unlocked before you can make any changes.

To unlock a domain

Click Manage, and log in to your account.
Beside the domain name, click Transfer Lock.
In the Domain Locking drop-down list, choose Disabled, and then click Save.

Click HERE to log in and enable or disable the Transfer Lock.

The auth code is a unique combination of characters, similar to a password, that is used to show verifiable proof of ownership of a domain. If you are transferring a domain to another service provider, you must supply the auth code to that provider to show that you have the authority to transfer the domain. The auth code can only be generated by the owner of the domain.


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