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Domain Registration
Questions and Answers

  1. How do I search for domains?
  2. Which TLDs can I buy?

  3. What are Premium Domains and How Do I Search for Them?

  4. How do I register a domain?

  5. What is Nexus information?

  6. The domain I want to register is not available, even though it's expired.

  7. I tried to register/transfer a domain, and it didn't go through, but it looks like I was charged.

  8. How do I register domain names that use local language characters?

  9. What is different about .TEL domains?

  10. Rules for .COM, .NET and .ORG Domain Names

  11. To add services to your domain

How do I search for domains?
To search for domains you need to use the lookup box on our home page or click on Domain Manager and then click on the Home tab. This takes you to the home page. On this page, you can search for a match to a single word or combination of words, and you can search with or without the TLD extension. Domain names can be between 3 and 61 characters long. This does not include the TLD extension, such as .com.

Enter your search word in the text field, and click Find.

The search results indicate whether the domain name is available. If an exact match is found, you will see a large checkmark and the word Success! next to the name. The results page also lists other similar domain names and any Premium Domain Names that are available.

Which TLDs can I buy?

Top Level Domains

Country Code  and other Top Level Domains


Note: Due to the registry’s requirements .LTD.UK, .PLC.UK, and .NET.UK must be registered with Nominet directly; however, we do offer transfers and management, including renewals, for these domains.

Important: CNNIC has announced an indefinite suspension of all .CN registrations from overseas Registrars, including our registration provider Neustar. This change is in effect as of January 6, 2010. As a result of this action by CNNIC, we have no choice but to suspend new .CN registrations. Until further notice, .CN domains that are currently registered can be renewed and transferred; however, new orders will not be accepted for .CN domain names.

What are Premium Domains and How Do I Search for Them?

Premium Domains are domains with popular and interesting names that are offered for sale in the marketplace. Many great domain names are already taken, but in some cases, the owners are willing to sell them for a price. Because these names are highly desirable, the price is higher than the price for a regular domain name and is different for each domain name.

You search for Premium Domains in the same way that you would search for any domain. If there are Premium Domains that satisfy your search criteria (the words you use to search for domain names), you will see a separate section in the search results that displays the available Premium Domain names and their associated cost.

How do I register a domain?

If there's a domain name you'd like to register, the first thing to do is to check whether the name is available. If it is available, registering the name is a very simple procedure.

To register a domain

On the Home page, enter the name you want in the text field and click Find.
The search results page tells you whether the name you want is available and displays some similar or related names that you might want to register.
If the name you want is available, simply click the checkbox beside the name. You can choose any of the domain names that are listed on the results page, and you can use the text field at the bottom of the page to search for additional names. The domain names that you choose are added to your shopping cart.
When you're ready to review your choices and check out, click Done.
On the next page, choose the registration term and any available options for each of the domains that you selected. You can register domains for up to 10 years.
If you decide not to purchase a domain that is in your shopping cart, simply click REMOVE beside the domain name.
Click Done to confirm your choices.
If you are a new customer, complete the fields in the First-Time Customers section and click Register and Continue. All fields are mandatory except for Organization Name and Phone Extension. Passwords can be 4 to 20 characters long and must contain at least one digit.
Once you set up your account, a confirmation email is sent to the email address that you specify, and all future email correspondence will be sent to that email address.
Alternatively, if you have already registered as a customer, enter your username and password in the RETURNING CUSTOMERS section and click Log in and Continue.
On the Summary page, review the items in your shopping cart, select your method of payment, click the checkbox to agree to the terms and conditions, and then click Buy Now to complete the registration process. Your credit card statement will show SHOPCO DomainName as the merchant for this purchase.
(In place of DomainName you will see the domain name that you purchased. If you purchased more than one domain, your statement will display the shortest name, to a maximum of 15 characters.)

What is Nexus information?
When you register a .US domain, you must certify that you are a resident or have a business within the United States. In addition, you must select a Nexus category to indicate the purpose of the domain.

In your shopping cart, beside the .US domain that you want to purchase, you will see a link called EDIT NEXUS INFO. When you click this link, the Nexus Information page appears. Use the drop-down lists to choose the appropriate information. You can enter the Nexus information while the domain is still in your shopping cart or when you check out.

The domain I want to register is not available, even though it's expired.

Domains are released after the end of their term if they have not been renewed. Domains that expire at another registrar are subject to their own policies; however, there is usually a grace period, and then a period when the domain is "on hold"- and cannot be registered. You should allow at least 30 days from the time of expiration before you can try registering the domain.

To find out a registrar's specific release policy, you should contact the registrar that owns the name. You can find out who is the registrar for a specific name by entering the name into the central database search engine at

I tried to register/transfer a domain, and it didn't go through, but it looks like I was charged.

When you make a purchase using a credit card, we "authorize" funds on your credit card. This is not a charge, but a test to make sure you have the funds available for the purchase. After the authorization returns a result of sufficient funds, we register the domains. If the domain registration fails for any reason, the attempted charge is voided. The net result is that your account not charged. In most cases, the original authorization charge is removed from your credit card account within a few days. You can contact your credit provider to find out their specific authorization policy.

If you are having trouble registering a domain, we recommend that you contact technical support rather than resubmitting the order. If you continue to try to submit your order, you will incur a large number of authorizations, and consequently, you may run out of available credit or freeze your account funds. You may even cause your credit card company to suspect fraud, and they will put a hold on your card.

How do I register domain names that use local language characters?

Many world languages use characters that are not found in English. Domain names in these languages are referred to as Internationalized Domain Names or IDNs. You can register IDNs by searching for a domain name in your native language. The availability results are displayed in both the native language and in the IDN format, which begins with xn-- to identify it as an IDN.

When you register an IDN name, you will be prompted for some additional information. As part of the registration process, you are prompted to select the appropriate language code from a drop-down list.

Note: The only TLDs that allow IDN registrations are .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .BIZ, .CC, .TV, .ME, and .DE.

What is different about .TEL domains?

.TEL is a new type of gTLD domain. Its purpose is to store all of your contact information, for example, email addresses, cellular phone numbers, website addresses, IM addresses, Twitter addresses, social networking sites such as Facebook, street addresses, and Google maps.

.TEL pages can be accessed by any device that is connected to the Internet, and visitors to a .TEL page can click on any of the displayed links, and a connection is established immediately to the associated destination. In addition, you can specify whether your contact information is available to everyone or only to certain people.

All of this information is stored directly in the DNS. This is different from other TLDs where the DNS simply maps domain names to IP addresses. All content for .TEL domains is hosted on Telnic's TelHosting platform; therefore, you cannot manage the DNS or add domain forwarding or email forwarding to your .TEL domain name in Storefront.

As soon as your .TEL domain registration is complete, you will receive an email containing your username and password for the Telhosting system so that you can log in and add your contact information to your .TEL website.

Important: Email addresses (for example, are not available for .TEL.

Rules for .COM, .NET and .ORG Domain Names

  • .COM - to be used for commercial and personal sites
  • .NET - recommended for companies involved in Internet infrastructure
  • .ORG - recommended for not-for-profit organizations

To add services to your domain

Click Manage, and log in to your account.
Beside the domain name, click the service that you want to add. The links to the available services look like this: Add Email Forwarding or Add Domain Forwarding.
The selected service is added to your shopping cart.
Optionally, you can return to the Domain Manager and add other services.
Review the items in your shopping cart, and then click Done.
On the Summary page, enter your payment information, and then click Buy Now to complete the registration process.
Note: Your credit card statement will show SHOPCO Store Name as the merchant for this purchase.



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