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Email Forwarding

Email forwarding is perfect if you have a domain registered with us, and want people to be able to send you email at that domain. For example, if you are Joe, and you own "", why would you want people to send email to ""? Wouldn't you rather have them send email to ""? Well, now you can! For just $5.95, you can purchase up to 10 email addresses for your domain and forward them to any existing email account.

What that means is, you would set up mail to forward from "" to go to "". Whenever you logged into this Hotmail account, all the email sent to your email would show up in your Hotmail inbox.

Activate email forwarding today!
HERE to log in and set up email forwarding.

To activate email forwarding

  • Log in to your account, and click Manage.

  • Beside the domain whose email you want to forward, click Edit Email Forwarding. Any existing email forwards are displayed at the top of the page

  • In the Add email forward field, enter the email address whose email you want to forward.

  • In the Forwards to email field, enter the address to which you want the email sent.

  • Click Save.

  • Please allow 24-48 hours for your email to begin forwarding.

How do I remove email-forwarding?

  • To remove email forwarding:

  • Log in to your account, and click Manage.

  • Beside the domain whose email you want to forward, click Edit Email Forwarding. Any existing email forwards are displayed at the top of the page.

  • Beside the email forward that you want to remove, click remove.

  • Please allow 24-48 hours for email to stop forwarding to that address.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I reply to people using this email address?
With email forwarding, someone is able to send you email through your domain. That is a function of our system. The return address of your email you send out, though, is not a function of our system. Most email client software (Outlook Express, Eudora, etc.) allows you to specify your return address. This will also be the "From" email address that appears. For help on this, you'll need to check the help files in your software, or contact the manufacturer or your ISP. Most web-based email (especially AOL), will not allow you to specify your return address. In these cases, the recipient will be able to see your "real" email address, rather than your domain email.

2. Is there a size limit?
The limit to a single file size is 5 megs. The limit to the amount of email is how much your current inbox will take, since we forward everything there.

3. What if I want to cancel email forwarding?
Email-forwarding is automatically disabled after you make a DNS change. Because it will take 24-48 hours for your DNS change to propagate, email-forwarding will remain active while the change is in progress, so that you do not experience any down time for your email. Once your new DNS servers have propagated, however, and your domain is no longer residing on our forwarding servers, that will automatically render email-forwarding inactive. Email-forwarding will still be in your account for this domain, however, for the full length of the term you chose. You may, of course, use email-forwarding again if your new hosting doesn't work out. You merely need to change your DNS back to our forwarding servers:


You may also, of course, abruptly terminate your forwarding by deleting your forwarding address. Erase the email address you are forwarding to, and submit your change. Emails to you will bounce immediately.

4. What are the POP settings of my new email?
This is not POP email. Remember that we are forwarding everything to your existing email account.

5. Can I change the forwarding email address?
You can update the status on your email forwarding at any time by logging back into the domain manager. Enter your username and password. If you have forgotten your username and password, enter the email address you used at the time of registration, and we will email you your username and password. Click on the "Email Forwarding" link. Your domains without forwards will appear in the box at the top of the page. To modify or remove an existing forward, simply modify or remove the listing at the bottom of this page.

6. How many emails do I get?
Your fee entitles you to up to 10 forwards. If you need more than 10, you may purchase as many more blocks of 10 as you need for the same low rate.

7. Is there anything I can't do?
Due to traffic restrictions, we strictly prohibit the sending of unsolicited email promoting any domain hosted on our forwarding servers.


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